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Roots was founded on the shores of Lake Ontario in Canada in 1973. In its first few years, Roots quickly won renown for its durable and comfortable shoes and leather products. Roots`s brand founders, Michael Budman and Don Green, were inspired by the natural scenery of the place they grew up ─ northern Ontario ─ as well as the sport of hockey which they both love. That`s why Roots products reflect both the beauty of nature and the love of sports and healthy lifestyles.  Its streamlined designs focus on the "fun, natural and energetic." Its lines of American-style men`s and women`s clothing quickly took Canada and the US by storm.      True to its core design concepts, "fun, natural, and energetic," Roots products are comfortable, simply designed, and display an affinity with nature. That had contributed to the brand`s popularity worldwide.  Currently, Roots has over one hundred retail stores in Canada, the US and Europe. Since entering the Taiwan market in 1994, its rich and diverse product lines have attracted more than young consumers ─ it has also given rise to Roots Families. As they spend more of their weekends and holidays on leisure, the hardworking Taiwanese have discovered that workaholism, perfectionism, and materialism are not the only paths to success. Roots supports going back to nature and discovering the self. Roots isn`t just Canada`s leading brand of casual clothing, it is also an attitude that is "fun, natural, and energetic." We hope to share with you this comfortable, easy, and fashionable way of life.     


Roots`s product lines are rich, diverse, and well-structured. They include men`s clothing, women`s clothing, children`s clothing, leather goods, men`s and women`s shoes, perfumes and bath products, and accessories (accessories include hats, change purses, keychains, nylon bags, small leather goods, socks, scarves, gloves, stuffed animals, etc.).